About Us

Energy management

Our energy balance

We meet our energy demand using combination renewable self generation and importing from the national grid. To reduce both costs and environmental impacts we pursue a strategy of

  • Using energy more efficiently by closely managing and constantly improving our infrastructure and processes.
  • Increasing generation of renewable energy across our area.
  • Managing the price we pay for energy through various activities such as demand side response and flex trading.

What we're doing

We take a range of actions to reduce our energy consumption, including:

  • Regularly monitoring site energy performance, challenging current practice and finding energy saving opportunities.
  • Delivering energy efficiency improvement work on all assets across Production by
    • Making our processes more efficient and cutting waste where possible. 
    • Replacing or refurbishing inefficient pumps and other plant.
  • We participate in demand side response which involves dynamically managing our electricity use to help balance Britain’s electricity system.
  • We also reduce our energy consumption during peak times to reduce cost.
  • Engaging our people to support and take responsibility for reducing our energy consumption.
  • Driving innovation to develop developing newer, more efficient technologies.Engaging customers on water efficiency and sewer misuse. This helps reduce the energy and chemicals we use by reducing the amount of water and waste water we need to treat.

Our objective is to continually reduce our electricity consumption and environmental impact of the energy we need to serve our customers.