About Us


We operate around the clock to ensure that our customers receive the high standard of service they expect from us. Transport is an essential part of delivering this service.

We have a fleet comprising a wide range of vehicles from large water and sludge tankers to the small vans we use for the routine sampling of customer taps. The combined mileage of our commercial fleet in 2018/19 was over 30 million miles. And in addition to our own vehicle fleet, our staff and contractors travel millions of miles per year in order to deliver our services.

There are significant environmental impacts associated with maintaining such a fleet. Not only do vehicles consume finite natural resources like fossil fuels, but they also have an impact on air quality and contribute to climate change. As a result we have now committed to switching our fleet to 100% electric vehicles by 2030 (where suitable models are available). During the transition we are minimising emissions of our existing fleet by improving their fuel efficiency and reducing annual mileage our staff undertake by using automation, telemetry and remote working.


Greener travel

We also recognise the need to enable and encourage our staff to travel to work in more environmentally friendly ways where possible. Each of our main offices has an action plan to encourage sustainable travel.  The way we have managed Severn Trent Centre is a good example of this. We work with the local authorities and travel service providers to ensure green travel options are available for our staff.

Note: this data also includes business travel in private vehicles.