Translation services

Our region is very diverse, and we know that not everyone is comfortable talking about bills and important information in English if it's not their first language. 

Talk to us in your language

If you or somebody you know would be more comfortable communicating with us in another language, we have translation services that can help. 

You can speak to us on the phone, through a translator, in the following languages:

You can contact our customer care team if you'd like to request translation services.

Translate our website

As increasing numbers of you choose to use our website and digital communication channels, we want to make sure our website is accessible for all.

Our website uses a piece of software called Recite Me, which can translate our English language pages into other languages.

If you're using a desktop computer to laptop, you can switch Recite Me on by clicking the ‘Accessibility options' button in the top right corner of the page, and selecting 'Change language'.