Save water

We all use water day to day – often without thinking about it – but saving water doesn’t have to be difficult.

How we can save water together

We’re working hard to play our part in conserving water by:

You can read more about what we're doing to save water.

But we need your help too, so we’re asking all of you across the region to be conscious of how much water you use, and do what you can to save.

We have some useful water-saving advice for however you use water.

Save water at home

How you and your family can be more water-wise at home.

Save water at work

How you can be more water-wise in the workplace

Protecting our environment

You might be surprised to know that in April 2022, the Midlands only received 40% of their expected rainfall.

Now this might sound like lovely spring weather, however it is now having a knock on effect to our summer supply. Less rainfall means we have less water in our reservoirs to serve you and your families.

To help us during this dry period, please think about your water usage and what you and your family can do to conserve water this summer.