Wonderful on Tap


Our wonderful water runs through our taps and belongs to us all.

From our rivers to our reservoirs, it’s not just any old water, it’s our water. And let’s face it everything from our morning brews to our beautiful British countryside wouldn’t be the same without it.

Our teams work around the clock to keep it in “tip tap” shape.  But we can’t do it alone. If we want it to stay wonderful, we all need to look after it. Cherish it, not waste it.

From slightly shorter showers, reporting those pesky leaks to banishing blockages, there are lots of easy ways you can help protect and save our water.

So let’s be singing-it-in-the-shower-kinda proud of every last drop, and our grandkid’s grandkids will thank us too. 

Why saving water is important

Though we rarely leave the house without a brollie and raincoat in tow, factors such as climate change and rapid population growth in the UK means we could face water shortages by 2040.

The good news is if we all do our bit to save water today, we’ll keep our communities flowing for generations to come.  

How you can do your bit

Did you know that using less of our wonderful water won’t just sustain it for future generations but help your pocket right now? 

With price hikes on our energy bills everyone is feeling the pinch. But through being more water efficient you could see a reduction not only on your water bill (if you have
one of our meters) but on your energy bills too. 

See our top tips on how to save water, money and energy below: 

How we’re doing right by our water

Our teams work hard to keep your water wonderful to make sure that when you go to pour yourself a cold one you’re met with a high quality, thirst-quenching glass of
the good stuff. We also make sure that with every sip, swig and splash we’re doing right by our environment and the communities we serve.

From banishing the taboo about what to put down the loo, to working with our local schools to create the water-wise warriors of tomorrow, here are some of the things we’re doing for our water: 

Getting River Positive

Our wonderful rivers are our front line flood fighters and all around brilliant for our biodiversity, that’s why we’re doing our bit to make them even healthier. We’ve made 5 key pledges to help ‘get river positive’ by 2030. Together we want to reduce pollution, do right by our wildlife and create special places for the people in our communities to splash out and spend time. Who is ready for some wild swimming?! 

A beaver swimming in the water