How to check for a leak at home

There are a few ways you can check for a leak before getting a plumber in to fix it.

Spotting leaks at home can be challenging as they’re often hidden or difficult to spot. In most cases an increase in your bill may be the first sign that there might be an issue.

Leaks don’t just have an impact on your pocket, they can cause damage to your appliances or even your home itself.

Here’s a few ways you can check for leaks before you get a plumber in to fix it. 

Checking for a toilet leak

Leaky toilets are the most common type of leak. Around 1 in 10 properties have a constantly running toilet and they’re not always easy to spot. A leaking toilet can waste an average of 400 litres of water a day which works out at approximately £300 per year. 

This can happen because some modern toilet systems overflow into the bowl rather than through an external overflow pipe, making them harder to find.

Leak detection tablets provide a simple way to check if a toilet has a leak. You can do a water use quiz and order free leak detection tablets through GetWaterFit.

You can also check for a leaky loo by following the below simple steps:

A leaking toilet is often caused by a valve or a seal that may need replacing. If you would like help replacing these, you can upload a video using your mobile device through Vyn.

One of our trained technicians will review the video and will give you a call back within five working days. Alternatively, there are industry approved plumbers in your area who could help.

Other common leaks you may find inside your home:

Checking for leaks outside of your property

If you have a leak outside of your property, there are a few early signs that might help you find and fix the leak before it becomes a bigger problem.

Signs that indicate a leak:

Checking for leaks with your water meter

If you have a water meter then you can use it to check for leaks this is also known as a flow test).

If you are unsure how to read your water meter, we have a handy guide  how to do so. 

If the meter reading has changed, this would indicate there is a leak inside your property. 

If you need help finding and fixing the leak, you'll be able to find a list of approved plumbers in your area. 

If the meter reading has changed, this would indicate there is an leak inside your property. If you need help finding and fixing the leak, you'll be able to find a list of approved plumbers in your area. 

If the meter reading hasn’t changed, this would indicate you don’t have a leak

Check for a leak without a water meter

If you're not on a meter, and you think your water isn’t flowing as it should, you can carry out a quick test to check your water pressure.

If your water is flowing properly, it should fill a litre container in about 7 seconds. If it takes much longer than this, there may be a problem with your water pressure.

Check for known problems in your area before you contact us as it may already have been reported.

You can report a problem to us online, by talking to our customer care team on webchat or by calling us on 0800 783 4444.

If you have visible water or damp, we would advise you to find an approved plumber near you who can investigate the cause.

How to report a leak

How you report a leak depends on who is responsible for the maintenance of pipes and drains in that part of the network.

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