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How to check for a leak at home

If you think you have a leak at home, there are a few ways you can test your supply to check before you get a plumber in to fix it.

Check for the first signs of a leak

When you have a leak, spotting these early signs might help you to get it found and fixed early, before it becomes a bigger problem. 

Things to look out for include:

  • a wet patch in your grass or paving
  • an area of grass growing much quicker than that around it
  • sunken patches or slabs of paving
  • a change in water pressure
If you think you have a leak, it's vital that you get it found and fixed as soon as possible. Ongoing leaks, even if it's just a drip or trickle, can cause damage to your home or belongings as well as waste huge quantities of water which can mean you end up with higher bills.
You can carry out some tests at home to confirm who you need to contact to investigate and fix the leak - us or a plumber.

Tests you can carry out yourself

How to check your toilet for a leak

How to check for a leak if you have a water meter

If you have a water meter, this test might help you. However not all metered customers will have the kind of meters that allow you to carry out this test. If your meter is internal, complete the following steps:


The reading on your meter should not have changed during the time between the two readings.


If the meter reading has changed, this could mean that you have an internal leak. You will need to contact a plumber to carry out the repair.

If you’re unsure, you can contact Severn Trent and request a free diagnostic visit from one of our engineers, who will identify the cause.

If you have a digital meter with an LCD screen and the reading has changed at this point, we may need to inspect your meter to make sure that it's working properly.

You can get in touch with us to arrange a water meter inspection.

If your meter still shows the same reading after completing the first part of the test, you should continue by following these steps:

1. Turn your internal stop tap on.

2. Wait ten minutes, making sure you still don't use any water.

3. Take a note of the meter reading.

If the meter reading has changed, this would indicate there is an internal leak at your property.

How to check for a leak if you’re not on a water meter

If you're not on a meter, and you think your water isn’t flowing as it should, you can carry out a quick test to check your water pressure.

If your water is flowing properly, it should fill a litre container in about 7 seconds. If it takes much longer than this, there may be a problem with your water pressure.

Check for known problems in your area before you contact us as it may already have been reported.

You can report a problem to us online, by talking to our customer care team on webchat or by calling us on 0800 783 4444.

Contact a local plumber

If you have visible water or damp, we would advise you to find an approved plumber near you who can investigate the cause.

How to report a leak

How you report a leak depends on who is responsible for the maintenance of pipes and drains in that part of the network.