Blue or green coloured-water

Your water may look slightly green or blue if there are higher than normal levels of copper in it.

If you live in a new-build home, or you’ve recently had new copper pipework put in, you might notice green or blue discolouration or bits in your water.

The green or blue discolouration in your water could indicate higher than normal levels of copper.

A protective layer should form on the inside of the copper pipe that will stop this from happening within a few days of it being installed.

If you've not had your pipes replaced, then any green bits or colouration could be due to old copper pipes breaking down.

If you encounter this problem you should get in touch with your builder or contact an accredited plumber to investigate and fix the cause.

It may be that people who installed the pipework used too much or the wrong kind of flux . Flux is an acidic paste that dissolves in water and is used to solder two copper pipes together. It helps the solder to seal the gaps between the pipes, creating a strong joint.

If too much flux has been used, it can appear in the water. In this case, the new pipework may needs to be flushed thoroughly and the plumbing drained. 

If your drinking water is a bright or vivid green or blue colour, it may pose a risk to your health. If this happens, you should contact us immediately by calling 0800 783 4444.