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In the United Kingdom we have some of the highest standards of water quality and safety in the world.

We clean, disinfect and test your drinking water thoroughly, to make sure it’s safe to use, before it leaves our treatment sites and ends up at your taps.

However, sometimes your water can look, taste or smell different to usual. Often this is harmless, with a simple explanation for the change and an easy way to fix it.

Here we describe some common water quality problems, and how they can be solved.



Understanding your water quality at home


We take water quality extremely seriously, and as part of our routine sampling we monitor levels of PFAS at our sources across our region.

Despite there being no UK statutory limit for PFAS in drinking water, the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) (the water quality regulator) has published set limits and guidance to water companies, with additional monitoring directions given to companies late last year. 

At Severn Trent, we follow the guidance set from the DWI and the monitoring of our water across our whole region has not found any levels of PFAS above the set limits published by the DWI. This means that all sites in service are within the wholesomeness standard for PFAS set by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Please find a link to the DWI’s website which explains the PFAS tiers. PFAS-accessibility-leaflet.pdf (