Warning for people in Coventry to stop illegal use of Severn Trent hydrants

21st July 2016

Water company Severn Trent has called on people in Wood End in Coventry to stop illegally opening hydrants in the area, and issue that has led to a number of problems with loss of supply and water discolouration.

The issue has been a particular problem in Wood End, with a number of customers getting in touch with Severn Trent to complain about supply interruptions and low pressure.Illegal use of hydrants can lead to:

No water

Low pressure

Discoloured water supplies

Broken hydrants (which can cause issues for the fire and rescue service if they need to use the hydrants to put out fires)

Hayley O’Malley, Area Operations Lead for Warwickshire for Severn Trent, said: “We believe that people are opening up our hydrants to help local people keep cool as the temperature soars but it wastes a huge amount of water at a time when we’re asking everyone to use water wisely and to save water in their home and garden.

“It can also cause discolouration for hundreds of customers which obviously is not a great experience for our customers. We really need to know when and where people are doing this and, if we find them, then it could lead to prosecution.”

The problem of illegal hydrant use is a particular issue during hot weather, when water usage increases. In fact, across the entire Severn Trent area, customers have been using 100 million litres of water more than usual.If anyone spots illegal hydrant use, they can contact Severn Trent on 0800 783 4444.