Tewkesbury pupils find out about the ‘3Ps’ at Hayden Sewage Works

3rd October 2016

Gloucestershire school children had the chance to find out all about what they should, and more importantly shouldn’t, flush down the loo during a visit to Severn Trent Water in Hayden last month.

More than 20 pupils from John Moore Primary School near Tewkesbury were invited to Hayden Sewage Works to learn about how sewage is treated and returned to the water cycle.

Grant Mitchell, Community Relationship Advisor at Severn Trent, said: “We laid on a workshop for the kids to explain how they can help us save water and then took them down to the sewage works so they could see first-hand how we clean the water.

“We also talked about what shouldn’t go down the toilet, things like wet wipes, nappies, cotton buds, oil and grease cause real problems in our sewers.

“The simple message is that the ‘3Ps’ are the only things allowed down the loo – paper, pee and poo! Hopefully by speaking to the youngsters now they’ll keep that in mind in future and also go home and spread the word to their friends and families.”

Miss L Man, a teacher at John Moore Primary School, added: “The children had a lovely time and the visit really generated some conversation between them. They also had a chance to make up some informative posters focussed on why it’s important to save water.”

The visit, which took place on Thursday 22 September, was a great success and teachers have invited Grant and fellow Community Relationship Advisor Paul Tingle to come back in for an assembly to share the message with the rest of the school.

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