Severn Trent provides live educational online sessions for schools!

Thursday 25th February 2021

With half-term over, and children expected to start going back to school over the next few weeks, Severn Trent is encouraging teachers and schools to sign up to its successful education sessions as class rooms start to fill again.

The digital sessions are fully educational, and are aimed to teach children all about water, waste and the environment.

Dave Cork, Senior Education Officer said: “We went online with our lessons for schools in October and we’ve been really popular. In the run up to Christmas we’d educated almost 15,000 children across our whole region. When schools shut again in January our new online platform meant we could still help providing content over the web both to the key-worker children still in schools as well as their classmates now schooling from home, educating a further 7,000 children and adults. 

“Now, with a date and goal for children to go back into schools, we really want to offer our sessions to all schools across our region again, so we can help educate and inform children all about the importance of water, and why we need to save it, how to look after our sewers and understanding more about the environment we live in.”

Severn Trent’s Education Team are usually found delivering interactive workshops in schools across its region, but since the pandemic started, it’s adapted its sessions to be digital, as well as launching Kids Zone. 

The educational area of the Severn Trent website is full of entertaining, educational content and worksheets for children and parents to use at home.

Dave adds: “Usually we’d be visiting schools with our education programme, so now our lessons are online schools and children won’t miss out. The sessions have been designed to be fun, interactive, and educational and with us hosting them live in real-time, so we’re also able to answer any questions and fully interact with the children. 

“They really are a fun, safe way for us to deliver our workshops in a style that’s suitable for everyone! And the best thing is no fancy equipment is needed, and you don’t need to worry how good your Zoom or Teams skills are. We provide teachers with a unique link for each session to share with whichever children want to watch a particular session. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection and a mouse or finger to click the link. It really is that simple!” 

Some of the feedback from teachers who have had the sessions include:

“Excellent session, very informative with a great mix of videos and chat. This will definitely help to support children learning about the water cycle later in the year too!”

“Really useful and interesting session! Brilliant that a tour of the sewers were included. Really interactive and a good variation with the songs and characters. Thank you so much, we would love to book again in the future!” 

And from children themselves:

“Love it and it was basically the best live stream ever!”

“Really enjoyed the session! Great demonstrations and loved the videos!”

“This was amazing I will definitely recommend this session it was very inspirational and helped me understand what to put down the toilet it was very good for children and also fun!”

“This was a fun session and i really enjoyed watching the video clips. I enjoyed learning about how to help keep water clean and how to look after our sewage.”

To book your school on, visit and click on the “Workshops and Visits link or have a chat to one of the team at, where we’ll put you in touch with your local education officer for your area.