Severn Trent invites locals to hear about plans for Tansley

6th October 2016

Severn Trent is inviting the locals of Tansley to attend a drop in session to hear all about the company’s £200,000 investment programme to renew the town’s water pipes. The work will see around a mile-and-a-half of old pipes being replaced in the Derbyshire town.

Severn Trent programme engineer John Springett explains: “For many years the same water pipes have been serving the local people in Tansley with their water supply. To make sure we can maintain a top quality service, it’s essential that we replace the old pipes with new ones. This will also minimise the number of bursts and the disruption caused to our customers as the new pipes will be in a great condition to serve the town for many years to come.

“The people who know Tansley best are the local residents, so, when we’re doing work like this, we always listen to suggestions from the community to help us to find those little gems of information which can make a huge difference to our plans. We also want to keep the community informed about what we’re doing and listen to feedback. With this in mind we’d really like to talk to the people who may be affected by the work in the area and have the chance to explain to them the benefits of this investment into Tansley.”

The drop-in session takes place on Monday 10 October 2016 at the Tansley Village Hall, Church Street, Tansley, Matlock DE4 5FH from 3pm to 7pm.

Severn Trent contract partners Laing O’Rourke will be carrying out the work on the project. Work is expected to start on 24 October on Church Street at the junction with Nottingham Road, the work will progress up Church Street and will take around 23 weeks to complete.