New sewers for Kidderminster

06 April 2016

Work is well underway to replace 172 metres of sewer pipes in the North West area of Kidderminster. The company’s £1 million investment, will prevent future sewer flooding for residents in the town.  

Paul Evans, from Severn Trent explains: “The main sewer serving this area of Kidderminster was constructed over 100 years ago, and we’ve noticed that during heavy rainfall it’s struggling to cope. It’s really important for us to protect our customers’ homes from flooding, so in February we started a five month project to replace the old pipe with a brand new concrete one, which is stronger and more reliable.

“Part of the main sewer pipe that we are replacing, passes through the local Sainsbury’s Superstore car park, so we’ve had to take over a small area of the car park. Our contract partners, NMCNomenca, have worked hard to make sure we keep the disruption to a minimum, by tunnelling underneath the car park. This reduces disruption to Sainsbury’s, their customers – and not forgetting the trees and shrubs nearby.”

The work which began in February at the Sainsbury’s Superstore at Carpet Traders Way Retail Park, is due to be completed by the early summer.

Paul adds: “We’re sorry for any inconvenience this work may be causing, but it’s really important to make sure that the sewers are reliable for our customers going forward. We’ll do all we can to help minimise disruption and keep everyone affected up to date with progress. We’d like to thank Sainsbury’s and their customers, and ask the local community for their continued patience while we put the new pipe in place. But once all of the work is complete, the area will have a modern sewer that will last for many years to come.”