Brand new pipes for Gloucester

14 January 2016

Severn Trent is investing £350,000 to replace over a mile of water pipes in Gloucester city centre. The area’s pipes have grown old and are at more risk of leaking, so work started this week, to make sure the water company’s customers’ taps and toilets keep working.

Gareth Mead, from Severn Trent, explains: “As water pipes get old, they can become weaker and can be prone to bursts.  We want to make sure our customers’ water supply is always there when they need it, that’s why we’re investing a large amount of money to lay brand new water pipes in the city centre.”

The company is replacing old cast iron pipes with more reliable plastic ones. Its contract partner, Amey, has started the first part of the work, laying pipes around the Cathedral and the Archdeacon Street area, before moving on to The Quay at the junction of Westgate Street. The team will then stay on Westgate Street between the junctions of Royal Oak Street and Lower Quay Street, until the work is finished in the summer.

Gareth adds: “We appreciate that any work in the roads can cause inconvenience to commuters, but we’ve planned this carefully to help minimise disruption and we’d like to ask the local community for their patience until the new pipes are in place. Once all of the work is complete, the area will have modern, reliable water pipes that will last for many years. We’d like to thank local residents for their understanding and we’ll be keeping all of the local homes and businesses up to date with what we’re doing.”