What to do during flooding

There are several different types of flooding.The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’re able to contact the right people to help you.

Contact the right organisation for help

You’ll need to contact the right organisation for help during different flooding types.

You should contact your local council to report flooding on roads or blocked drains or grates on highways.

Your local council will also help you with groundwater flooding, and flooding in streams, brooks and small rivers

Find your local council.

The Environment Agency will be able to help you if you are at risk of flooding due to rising river levels.

Contact the Environment Agency.

If the flooding is due to heavy rain we may need to wait for the flood water to subside before we can investigate.

You should also contact your insurer so they can give you help and advice.

Read about your responsibilities here.

Report sewer flooding to us

If there is flooding in our sewer network that’s affecting your property and possibly your neighbours, you can: