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We've developed nine actions to improve

We’ve developed nine outcomes that we've designed to meet the needs of our customers and wider society, based on everything you told us through our research and past performance. We’ve used quotes from customers, our people and other stakeholders in our communities to bring each of our outcomes to life - demonstrating how our plan has been created from their perspectives and underlining the collaborative way in which we'll deliver the plan.

We’re starting the next five years as we mean to finish – by keeping our bills low. We’ll also reduce your bills by a further 5% up until 2025; our biggest reduction in two decades and we’ll continue keep them low for the future. Supporting customers who struggle to pay their bills is also a key focus for us - that's why we'll be helping 47% more customers who are struggling to pay their bills.

From “field to tap”, we’re playing our part to protect your product - we’re aiming to work with 4,000 farmers to change agricultural practices and help protect our raw water supplies. We’ll also do more to meet your expectations of the taste and appearance of your water, along with providing more support to address lead pipes – starting with helping schools and nurseries in the our region.  

Our research has given us a valuable new perspective and we learned something new about our customers’ issues with low water pressure. We want to make sure we’re doing all we can to reduce these issues and we aim to resolve 95% of your pressure complaints first time. Along with low pressure, we want to really focus on all the other small irritations that make a big difference to our customers’ days. We’re also aiming to reduce leakage by 15% - our biggest ever reduction in a 5 year period.  

We never want our sewers to create an issue for you and understand just how devastating sewer flooding can be when it happens to anyone. That’s why we’re focusing on building even stronger relationships with you - our household customers. By educating on responsible sewer use and encouraging behavioural changes, we can prevent the wrong things from entering the sewers, stop sewer blockages and reduce pollution incidents. We’ll also be installing innovative new solutions to prevent he build-up of fatbergs, delivering higher standards and benefits that have been shared with our wider industry.  

Like our customers, we think that water should be affordable for all. While we work to keep our bills as low as possible for all our customers, we know that for some of you, the issue of affordability can be a serious concern in times of financial struggle. We want to do all
we can to take away the worry, by providing more support and offering services that take in to account your individual situations.  

Everything we do, every single day, ultimately contributes to your experience of us – and we always want that experience to exceed your
expectations. So, by focusing on the quality of service we offer and how we make you – our customers - feel, we’ll strive to deliver an
experience that is human, accessible and seamless. We’ll be focusing on giving you a more personalised, multi-channel service as well as better information about the choices available to you.

Building on our Environment Agency 4* status for environmental protection, we’re planning to invest more to improve the ecology of
rivers in our region. We’ll be investing in solutions that support the protection of wildlife habitats and help to improve river flow. We want
to enrich the biodiversity of our region by changing how we manage our estates, working in partnership with expert organisations - like
Wildlife Trusts and Moors for the Future. We’re also planning to use any spare operational land along with your passion for the environment to
engage our communities with projects to create new habitats.  

While we focus on providing a consistent, reliable and affordable service to you, we also know that our ability to positively impact our wider communities extends much further. Being a large company doesn’t mean we can’t have a local focus and we’ll use all the resources we have
– our people, our knowledge, our land and networks – to make the sort of changes that will make a real difference for our communities. One of the key things we're aspiring to achieve is to reach every primary school in our region with an innovative ‘mobile education programme’ that visits playgrounds and immerses students in a world that reinforces the value of water, responsible sewer use and the importance of
hydration for health.  

We know that while you expect a high quality service from us, this alone isn’t enough to earn your trust - and nor should it be. We must prove
to you – our customers - that we’re a company that does the right things, for the right reasons and that your interests are always at the forefront of what we do. From continued transparent reporting on executive pay, to opening up our communication lines with you, we’re
doing lots to increase and continue to keep your trust in us.

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