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Energy from water

How does hydro power work?

Power is generated when huge volumes of water gush downwards turning a turbine which produces electricity, gravity is essential to this process. Key areas for hydro power production are waterfalls or reservoir dams.

What is the Severn Trent hydro power portfolio at the moment?

We currently have six hydro turbines installed on four sites which produce around 3% of the electricity we generate from renewable sources. Although our core business is water, very few of our works are suitable for hydro power generation as they lack a large, naturally occurring head of water.

How is this electricity used?

Each of our turbines are connected to the National Grid and the electricity they produce will be used across the business.

Why doesn’t a water company generate more hydro power?

The Severn Trent region is made up largely of areas of flat land, this means opportunities for hydro power are limited as gravity is required to draw the water down and power the turbines.

Are there any emerging opportunities for hydro power?

We are currently investigating further opportunities to harness hydro power from our reservoirs, our networks and rivers.