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Days out at Draycote water in Warwickshire

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

This visitor site is open with restrictions in place

Our visitor sites have reopened, but we're carefully following the latest government guidelines and rules.

This site is now open - there are extra measures in place to protect your wellbeing and the safety of other visitors, the local community and our teams.

If you visit this site, observe social distancing, follow the rule of six, check opening times, follow any new measures we put in place, and stay local.

Do not travel long distances to visit the site.

When you visit, you must wear a facemask to enter the visitor centre, shops, cafes and takeaways.

Reopening restrictions


The restaurant is open. You must wear a facemask if you enter the restaurant. Contact New Leaf catering for more information.


Limited to two toilets for men and two toilets for women, disabled toilet is locked and will require a ranger to open.


Sailing is members only and is operated by Draycote Sailing club.


Fishing is operated by Fishery Management UK and is currently appointment only.

Play area

The play area is open, however please use the sanitiser stations before entering and follow social distancing.

Rule of six

Only meet in groups of six people or less when you visit our sites.


You must wear a facemask to enter the visitor centre, shops, cafes and takeaways.

  • Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from other visitors and staff

  • Respect any instructions or signage - they're there to keep you safe
  • Look after those with you - keep dogs on leads and children close by. You can walk your dog in the country park area, but not around the reservoir.
  • Maintain good hygiene and avoid touching hard surfaces

Parking permit extension

Your permit will automatically be renewed by 61 days, which is the length of time Draycote was closed for.

Draycote water


There are lots of activities you can take part in at Draycote, including cycling and walking. You can download a map of the routes and trails around the site to help plan your visit.




A little bit about Draycote

 Draycote Water is near the village of Dunchurch and was named after the
nearby hamlet of Draycote.

 Why was it built and how long did it take?

The reservoir was built to meet the ever increasing demand for water from south
and east Warwickshire.The construction on the reservoir started in 1967 and was
completed in 1969; opening in 1970.

What is the reservoir's role in the water supply network?

It's primary use is to supply water to our customers in Rugby and Coventry, making
it's way through our treatment works before reaching our customers taps.
It's also released back into the local rivers and reserviors at times of low flow.

Where does the water come from?

Draycote is a 'pumped storage reservoir' which means that it has no
natural feed; it's filled with water pumped from the river Leam and the
local reservoirs Stanford and Brownsover at different times of the year.

How deep and big is the reservoir?

The reservoir is 630 acres (240ha) and the distance around the edge is 5 miles .
The maximum depth is 70ft and the capacity is 5,000,000,000 gallons.

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