We want to make sure we all have plenty of our wonderful water - today, tomorrow and in the years to come.  

That's why we've started our Green Recovery Programme. The Green Recovery programme is a range of exciting projects that will run up to March 2025, updating our water networks, making our region an even better place to live and using the latest technology to create a new Severn Trent fit for the future.  

Our metering partner Network Plus will be installing over 150,000 smart water meters for our customers across Coventry and Warwickshire.  
They will also be installing a further 250,000 smart water meters across Birmingham, Leicestershire and parts of Shropshire before March 2025. 

Smart Meters

A smarter way to use water

We think you should be in control of your water use. That’s why we’re rolling out our smart water meters to thousands of customers this year.

As well as showing you how your household uses water, smart meters help us plan water supplies for the future and reduce leakage. That way, more of our water goes to the places it’s meant to go, to our homes, schools, hospitals and the businesses that need it most.  

We're not changing how you pay for water

You'll get the same wonderful Severn Trent water and we won't change the way you are currently billed. However, your new smart meter could help you to save money as it puts you in control of how you use water. 

If you don't currently have a water meter, your new smart meter will show if you could save money by switching to a metered bill - but that's up to you.

What a smart meter does

These clever devices accurately measure your home’s water usage, 24/7. You can use the information to get a picture of how you use water. And they’re great at helping us spot local leaks early, saving more of our water for everyone. 

The main benefits of smart meters

How we will fit your smart meter

We are only fitting smart meters across certain areas at the moment, these are Coventry, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Leicester, and parts of Shropshire.

Most of the time we can do all the work to fit a smart meter without bothering you but we will contact you before to let you know what to expect. The location of the smart meter will be dependent on if you already have a water meter and its location as shown below:

External meter

We can exchange your water meter to a smart meter. You don’t need to be there when we come, but we will need to switch your water off for a short time. 

Internal meter

If your water meter is inside your property, we’ll need you to be in when we fit your new meter. We’ll arrange an appointment that works for you. 

If you don’t have a meter

We can normally fit your new smart meter outside your home. You don’t need to be there when we come, but we will need to switch your water off for a short time. 

What you'll be able to do with your new smart meter

In the future with your smart meter, you’ll also get access to My Smart Tracker. This will put you in control, showing a breakdown of your water use – and even comparing you with other households in your area.

My Smart Tracker will allow you to:  

  • See how much water you’re using – access your personalised water usage tracker any time, anywhere  
  • Tell us about your use so we can compare you with similar households in the area
  • You'll get access to lots of great advice and tips to help you save water 

Myths Busted

“You have to have one of those screens in your home to display your water usage.” 


We don’t want to waste plastic and fill your home with another unnecessary device, so we won’t be providing a screen. However, you will be able to register for our ‘My Smart Tracker’ online service where you can see your usage.

“It feels like Big Brother and you will be able to see exactly where I use my water in the home” 


Your smart meter can’t see where you’re using water – it just shows how much water you use over time. We can use this to check if there are any problems, like leaks in your home. And you could save money if it tells us you should move to a bill based on actual water use.

As a Severn Trent customer, you’re protected by our Privacy Policy, which sets out what we can and can’t do with your information.

If you are a Coventry customer

At the same time as installing smart meters, we’re also upgrading thousands of water supply pipes for customers in Coventry as part of the Green Recovery Programme.  

Both projects are working closely to improve Coventry’s water network. If you live in Coventry, you might get information relating to both exciting opportunities.  

If you have signed up to have your supply pipes upgraded, we’ll fit your smart meter as part of the upgrade. You can find out more about the scheme on our website. 

If you’re a Birmingham, Leicestershire or Shropshire customer

Smart meters are a great way for our customers to see what they’re actually using and can help people make ‘smart’ decisions on how to reduce their usage and identify any leaks that they may not be aware of. We’re planning on installing these smart meters across Birmingham and Leicestershire and then a smaller amount across Shropshire. You don’t need to do anything for now; our metering partner Network Plus will be in touch closer to when the smart meter is to be installed.

How we'll collect data from the meter

Your smart meter will take a read every hour and will send this information to use once a day in line with our Privacy Policy.

The smart meter uses just one-twelfth the emission power of a mobile phone and transmits for a maximum of three seconds, up to four times a day.


Join the Priority Services Register

If you or somebody who lives with you has a medical condition that means you need a constant supply of water, or use more water than other households, please make sure you join the Priority Services Register.


If you have any other questions, give us a call on:

03457 500 500 
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Sat: 8am-4pm

Thank you for letting us look after your water

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