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Our communities and environment are at the heart of what we do.

We want to make a real difference for the environment, our communities and the people in our region.

Investing £566 million in the country's green economic recovery

In July 2020, our regulators and some Government departments set a challenge for water companies.

They wanted us to find ways to help the country's green economic recovery from the pandemic.

That’s why we've created our £566m Green Recovery programme.

It's the biggest investment of any water company in our green future.

The Green Recovery programme will deliver benefits and improvements to the environment and our communities.


Ambitious, innovative projects to combat climate change and recover from the pandemic

Our ambitious and innovative projects will help combat the challenges of climate change.

They'll also help communities recover from the pandemic.

Green Recovery projects will explore how we secure water supplies and use nature to combat flooding.

We'll do this while saving water, improving water quality and bringing benefits to our rivers and environment.


Part of our 7 Green Recovery Initiatives