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Sewage tastes and smells

Smelling or tasting sewage in your water is concerning, but it’s most likely to be the smell of a blocked drain, rather than anything more worrying.

If you've noticed a smell or taste of sewage in your water supply there's a quick test you can do to work out where it’s coming from.

  1. Fill glass with water from the tap where you've noticed the smell or taste of sewage.
  2. Take that glass of water into another room in your home.
  3. Smell or taste the water again to check if the smell or taste clears.

If it does clear, this would suggest that the smell is coming from a sink or drain, rather than the water itself.

In that case you can use household drain cleaning products to clear or unblock the drain, which should solve the problem.

If the smell or taste is still present, you should contact us immediately by calling 0800 783 4444.



Why your water may taste or smell unusual and what you can do: