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It’s essential to remember to protect those all-important pipes at all times, particularly in the winter. That’s because very cold weather can cause water in your pipes to freeze. This increases pressure, which can cause pipes to split and joints to pull apart. This is why it’s essential you regularly check your pipes inside and outside your home.

Protecting your pipes

With your wonderfully clean water always on tap, it's easy to forget how it's gets into your home. It's important to protect your pipes at all times, especially when it's Winter.

Very cold weather can cause the water in your pipes to freeze. This causes the pressure to increase, causing pipes to burst and joints to pull apart. That's why it's essential to check your pipes inside and outside your home on a regular basis.

Keep your water flowing, and your home cosy and warm by taking some simple actions before the temperatures drop.  

During this cold weather, look out for friends, family and neighbours    

Some people have medical conditions or other circumstances, which means a disruption to their water supply can cause huge problems for them. Our priority services can help these customers when they need it most.  

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