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Customer Promise

We think water is wonderful. It’s the shower that wakes us up, the hot bath that relaxes us before bed. We cook with it… grow gardens with it… and we know just how important water is in our everyday lives. That’s why all our effort goes into keeping your water flowing clearly and making waste water clean again every single day.

If anything ever impacts your water supply, we will let you know what is happening and what we are doing to fix it. We’ll keep you regularly updated, and if supplies are impacted over a longer period, we’ll also make alternative water supplies available to you.

We could also help if you have additional medical needs, by adding you to the Priority Services Register. Having your details on the register helps us to plan maintenance work around things like medical treatments that require a water supply, such as dialysis. It also means we’re able to quickly locate you if you need extra help during a supply interruption.

What's the story behind your bill?

Your water bill covers more than just the cost of cleaning the water you use and the waste water we take away. Behind the scenes at Severn Trent we work hard 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year to ensure that you receive a clean, safe and reliable water supply. To do this, we manage all the pipes and treatment works on a daily basis, as well as invest in them for the future.

Our average household bill for water and sewerage in 2022/23 will be around £389 per year or just £1.06 per day. This compares with an average bill of £408 for England and Wales last yea

You can download a simple guide to our scheme of charges.

What makes up our average bill of £1.06 per day?

I need help paying my bill

We know that sometimes changes in your bills can be difficult to manage. We can help you find the easiest way to pay your bill as well as tell you about a number of schemes that we run. These include WaterSure, the Big Difference Scheme and some other tariffs that may help reduce the amount you pay.

Find out more here or call us on 03456 022 777 to talk through all your options and see how we can help.