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Our household charges 2024/2025

Our average household bill for water and sewerage in 2024/25 will be around £438 per year or £1.20 per day, which is below the industry average.

Our household charges scheme relates to the period starting from 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025.

What we charge you for

Your water bill may vary depending on the services you receive from us, whether you have a water meter or your charges are based on your home's rateable value.

Please visit 'Understanding your bill' to watch a short video which explains how we calculate your charges.

Your water bill covers more than just the cost of cleaning the water you use and the waste water we take away. Understand what makes up your bill.

The charges shown on your bill do not include VAT.

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2024/2025 Changes

The average combined bill (for water and sewerage services) for a household in the Severn Trent area is increasing by 6.5%. This includes all metered and unmetered households. The increase in your bill will probably differ from this average as the amount your bill will increase by also depends on:

We’ve outlined below increases in typical bills for metered and unmetered customers this is the increase that a customer could see if they stay on the same tariff and (for metered customers) use the same volume of water as last year

Household charges if you don’t have a water meter

Please be aware the following charges differ depending on the rateable value of your property and where you live:

Household charges if you have a water meter

Charges library

Read or download our full scheme of charges and supporting information.