Installing new meters in your area

We’re installing new water meters near your home to help us track and detect leaks.

Why we’re installing water meters near you

We look after one of life’s essentials. Part of making sure we carry out that important responsibility means we want to find new ways to reduce leakage. For five to ten years from 2020, we’ll be working to install new water meters across our network.

The new meters will be fitted outside your property boundary, where our water supply pipe meets the supply pipe to your home.

We’ll start in Nottinghamshire and North Staffordshire and eventually work across our whole region. We’ll contact you to let you know when this work will begin in your area.

There may be some places it’s not practical to install water meters, or homes where meters have already been fitted. These locations won’t be included in this work.

We work in partnership with a company called Network Plus, who install and replace water meters. Network Plus's specialist engineers will install these meters for us.

There are two ways they can fit the new meter; by screwing one into the existing pipe work, or digging to make space to add the new meter.

How you can help us complete the work quickly

We’ll be working on the pavement outside your house when we do this work. To help us complete the work quickly and safely, we need your help.

Please make sure the front of the house is clear with no vehicles blocking our access.

If you’re going out, please make sure you don’t leave any appliances that use water running or on a timer – for example washing machines or dishwashers.

There’s no need to be home when we’re carrying out the work, so don’t worry if you’re out when we arrive.

We will of course make sure that all government guidelines around social distancing are observed while we carry out this work, to make sure we keep you and our teams safe.

In the unlikely event that any damage is caused to your pipes as a result of this work we’ll repair it and cover the cost. 

The new meters won’t be used to bill you

There will be no change to how you’re billed. We won’t be using these new meters to bill you for your water use. There is no charge for having the meter installed.

How we’ll collect data from the meter

We will aim to read the meters on a monthly basis, or live, to mitigate leaks.

This will help us find leaks and problems with the water supply on our pipes, or on your private pipework.

This will all be done in line with our Privacy Policy.

You might be able to save money if you switch to a water meter

If you’re billed according to your home’s Rateable Value, you might be able to reduce your bill if you switch to a water meter.