Bill Cap Scheme | WaterSure

Help if your income is low and you use a lot of water.

The Bill Cap Scheme - WaterSure runs for 12 months.

To get help through WaterSure you must be a Severn Trent customer, have a water meter and receive eligible benefits.

You, or someone in the household, must also have either:

You will need to provide evidence of your benefit which can be either your most recent benefits notice or a bank statement showing the eligible benefit.

If you’re applying because three or more children under 19 live with you, you will need to provide:


Eligible benefits include:

If you are applying on medical grounds, you will need to provide evidence of one of the following:


Examples of eligible medical conditions include:

If you meet the criteria for WaterSure we’ll make sure your bills are capped at our average yearly charge.

WaterSure charges for 2024 to 2025.

Please note: If we bill you on behalf of another water company for any of your services, the fixed price below might be different. 

Charge type
Fixed price per year
Fresh water £221.83
Sewerage £215.68
Total £437.51

Applying for WaterSure

There are two ways you can apply for the Bill cap scheme. Whichever way you apply, you'll need to provide the correct evidence.

Other organisations who can help

If you’re in debt or struggling to pay your bills, you can get help and support from many independent charities.