Water Direct

Pay your water bill through your benefits.

Applying for Water Direct

If you're eligible, you can apply online to pay by Water Direct. 

After you submit the form, we'll send your application to the Department for Work and Pensions. 

It usually takes up to four weeks for them to process your application. 

We'll write to you once we know the outcome of your application.


Apply offline

If you would rather complete a paper application form, you can call 02477 716 585. One of our team will post an application form to you.

Reporting to credit reference agencies

Your Water Direct payments are reported to Credit Reference Agencies.

We won’t take action to reclaim any debt

We won't attempt to recover any debt on your account while DWP assess your application. 

If your application is successful, we won't try to recover any debt while you're on the Water Direct scheme.


Continue to pay while the Department for Work and Pensions assess your application

The application process can take up to 4 weeks.

You should carry on making small payments to help reduce your current bill while you wait for a response.

Change in your circumstances

If your circumstances change, you may no longer be eligible for Water Direct.

If that happened, the DWP might remove you from the scheme. DWP will contact you if this happens.

If you’re declared insolvent

If you're declared insolvent, we'll need to set up a new account for you.

If you continue to pay your old account, we'll transfer any payments you make to a new account. 

Transferred payments will be credited against charges from the day after your insolvency.

We'll contact the DWP and give them your new account number so payments can continue.

Getting help from our other financial support schemes

There are other ways we can help you if you can't get help through the Severn Trent Trust Fund.

Help with money

If you’re in debt or struggling to pay your bills, you can get help and support from many independent charities.