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Single Occupier Application

By completing your details below and submitting this form, you are agreeing to the following statements:

1. I agree to immediately inform Severn Trent Water as soon as my circumstances change and I am no longer the sole occupier of the property.
2. I understand that I am not entitled to be charged at the single occupier assessed charge where I am not the sole occupier of the property.
3. I am aware that, in the event that I cease to be the sole occupier of the property, I am liable to pay Severn Trent Water the appropriate charges set out in Severn Trent Water’s Scheme of Charges depending on the circumstances and that this likely to be a higher rate than the single occupancy assessed charge.
4. I accept that if I do not notify Severn Trent Water that I have ceased to be the sole occupier of the property, Severn Trent Water will be entitled to claim backdated charges at the appropriate rate under their Scheme of Charges and, if I should have been paying higher charges as I was not the sole occupier of the property, the extra charges that I should have been charged will be payable immediately after I have received the bill relating to this increased charge.

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