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Our new Environmental Discount Scheme

Leaving a lasting legacy for future generations

At Severn Trent, the nature of what we do as a company means that we have an important role to play in protecting and sustaining water as a natural resource for future generations.  We want to encourage better water efficiency in the home and help our customers to save water. We also wish to encourage the use of sustainable drainage solutions to aid the prevention of flooding.

We’re therefore inviting you, our customers, to be part of this legacy and in return, we’ll help you to save money on the cost of building new homes. Our new Environmental Discount Scheme could save you, as a home builder, money on both your water and sewerage infrastructure charges if you build to specified qualifying conditions.

Please note that the discount to the sewerage charge only applies if the sewer connection is within the Severn Trent region. 

Water is a precious resource that in future will come under increased demand as the population of the UK continues to grow. By thinking and acting sustainably today we can ensure there’s enough for us all tomorrow. We’d like you, our customers, to join us in reducing excess water usage in and around the home.

To ensure the conservation of water, anyone building a new home within England must comply with Part G of The Building Regulations 2010. These regulations set out that any new home must be built to no more than 125 litres of water per person per day (pppd) and it is possible to build to as little as 80 litres.

If you can show us that you have built to 110 litres (pppd) or less you can get a £353.00 off your clean water infrastructure charge.

Water usage is easy to calculate using our water calculator – simply tell the calculator you want to build to 110 litres and when selecting your fixtures and fittings (e.g. types of taps, bath and toilet) it will provide you with a list of products to choose from which enable you to meet this threshold.

The installation of the recommended fixtures and fittings will help save water and protect our environment whilst also helping to reduce future water bills.

It’s really important that you tell us that you’d like to apply for the discount scheme and provide your evidence before you accept your quotation or agreement. We cannot add this discount at a later stage in the process. 

Ways you can tell us you’ve built to 110 litres:

You'll need to complete an application form for new service connections and tell us that you would like to opt in to benefit from the environmental scheme before you accept your quote or agreement. We will not be able to add this discount at a later stage in the process.

Please provide a copy of the results from the water calculator which show the water fittings used (confirming that you are building to 110 litres per person per day) or a copy of the Part G Compliance Report. Our Water Regulations team will undertake a selection of audits to check fixtures and fittings are compliant. 

Sewer flooding is one of our key measures for continuous improvement and it’s an area our customers ask us to invest in the most. Sewer flooding can be devastating to our customers when it happens, but the use of sustainable drainage systems can safeguard our customers’ homes from the risk of flooding caused by excess surface water.

There are many benefits of sustainable drainage:

  • Reduces the risk of sewer flooding in homes, streets and roads.
  • Less or no water is put back into our sewers, reducing pressure on our sewer network. This means less disruption in your area if we need to carry out repairs.
  • Not having a surface water connection to the public sewer and using an alternative sustainable solution, such as a soakway, means any excess rainwater collected will feed back into the natural water cycle instead of going into our sewerage system to be treated.

There are two types of discounts on offer for sewerage infrastructure charges; where no surface water connection is made to the public sewer and where a surface water connection is made through the use of a sustainable drainage system.

You can receive a discount of £124.00 if there is no surface water connection made to a public sewer or £93.00 if you surface water connects to a public sewer via a sustainable drainage system (SuDS)

Ways you can tell us about your sewer connections:

Please complete an application form for a new connection and ensure that you tell us before you accept your quote or agreement that you would like to opt in to our environmental discount scheme. 

Do you have any questions? 

Call us on 0800 707 6600 or email us.


Please note: discounts against an infrastructure charge can be withdrawn or changed at any time and will be reviewed annually.