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Online application forms

You will need to apply for a new water or waste connection if you’re working on a new development of five buildings or fewer and you need to:

  • connect to an existing water main
  • increase the water supply from an existing water main
  • connect to an existing sewer
  • increase the waste flow of an existing sewer

You should submit a development enquiry if you aren’t yet at the planning approval stage and you want to know if we can supply water and waste services to the site.

We’ll give you estimated costs and capacity to supply your development.

Self-lay providers must be accredited by the Lloyd’s register Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS).

We’ll assess water and/or waste service capacity for the proposed development.

This form will allow you to:

  • Request for a new water main to be constructed along a new or existing road
  • Request for an existing water main to extended
(Section 104 of the Water Industry Act 1991)

You’ll need to complete a sewer adoption application if you want to enter into an adoption agreement with us before the new sewers are built.

In a Section 104 sewer adoption agreement, the developer builds sewers to a standard agreed to by us. We’ll take ownership of the sewer at a later date, usually after a few years.

(Section 98 of the Water industry Act 1991)

You must get agreement from the landowner to lay pipes on their land. If you’re unable to reach an agreement with a third-party landowner, we can lay the pipes for you.

Complete a Section 98 sewer requisition application if you want us to lay a sewer on your behalf across third party land where you’ve been unable to reach agreement with the landowner.

We will provide a quote for the job and estimate when we may be able to do the work.

We will provide a quote for the job and estimate when we may be able to do the work.

Submit a New Appointment and Variation (NAV) enquiry if your proposed development plans to use a new water or waste company within an existing company’s region.

PDF application forms

Here you can download and complete PDF versions of all our application forms. You will find information about how to submit the application on the form.

Codes for adoption

Use these forms to progress a S104 sewer adoption application that has already been made.


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