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New connections charging

Development Services and New connection charges 2022-23

Welcome to Severn Trent’s Developer Services charging information page.

Our charges are reviewed every year and are designed in line with our Regulators (Ofwat) charging rules.

We stive to offer developer customers value for money with charges that are easy to understand.

We create our developer charges with the following five principles in mind:


1. Providing stable and predictable charges

We recognise that our developer customers value stable and predictable charging so throughout our Charging Arrangements Document, where applicable and appropriate, we publish fixed charges which should allow a developer to work out a reasonable estimate of what they’ll pay.  We also take all reasonable steps to ensure our charge values are stable year-on-year.


2. Ensuring transparent and customer focused charging

Where possible, we publish individual fixed charges so it’s clear what you’ll pay at the outset.  We also include all charges that could be paid within our Charging Arrangements Document to ensure we’re completely transparent without unforeseeable surprises. 


3. Ensuring fairness and affordability

To ensure all developers get a fair deal, both now and in the future, we develop our charges so that they do not discriminate between differing developer customer types e.g., Self-Lay Providers (SLPs), New Appointments and Variations (NAVs), national developers, smaller house builders and individual customers. Our charges apply to all developer customers, regardless of the scale of development. We engage with customers to share our proposed charges, welcoming feedback that we take on board wherever we’re able to. 


4. Providing environmental protection

Our environmental discount scheme encourages developers to build sustainable properties which save water usage and reduce the amount of surface water going into the public sewer reducing the risk of flooding.


5. Cost of the relevant service

For charges applicable form April 2022 Ofwat introduced a new general charging principle of cost reflectivity, stating that charges should reflect the cost of the relevant service.  Cost reflectivity is an important consideration for us when establishing and assuring our charging arrangements.  


Our Charges

Every year we review and republish our new connections charges that are applicable for a 12-month period commencing on 1 April.  You can find all the relevant information in our latest Charging Arrangements Document (PDF). Throughout our Charging Arrangements Document the term “developer” refers to all customers who are building and developing properties. 

To provide visibility of annual charges we publish our Charging Arrangements Document in the February prior to the charges coming into effect on 1 April. 

If you’d like to see our 2021-2022 new connections charges (which are still in use until 31 March 2022) please use the link below.

2021-2022 New Connections Charging Arrangement

Information on new connection charging and the changes brought about by Ofwat’s principles-based rules can be found at Ofwat’s website.


Looking ahead to 2023/24

We’ll be holding several developer customer engagement sessions during the Summer & Autumn of 2022 in readiness for our 2023-24 charges. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions so please do let us know if you would like to attend one of these sessions by emailing

Working in partnership

In reviewing our new connection charging framework it’s important to listen to what our customers think about our proposals. We work closely with Water UK, developers, self-lay providers (SLPs) and new appointment & variations (NAVs), along with their trade bodies and representatives.

We apply a rigorous governance and assurance framework and have provided the Water Services Regulation Authority with an assurance statement (PDF) and statement of significant changes (PDF) from our Board of Directors. 

                                                                                 Any questions

If you have any questions about our new connections charging framework, please call our developer services team on

0800 707 6600 – they’re ready to take your call Monday – Thursday 08:30 – 17:00 and Friday 08:30 – 16:30