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Severn Trent Community Fund

Annual Review 2022

Our second year of funding

During our 2nd year we’re proud to have supported over 100 not for profit organisations across our region with more than £1.9 million in grants, helping support our communities and increase wellbeing for our customers.


Through our core Community Fund alone

28% connecting with nature, 2% looking after water, 13% protecting the environment, 1% economy and employment, 16% education and learning, 15% physical and mental health, 6% relationships trust and equality, 2% culture and heritage, 14% leisure and recreation, 3% spaces for the vulnerable
69 community spaces created or enhanced

69 community spaces created or enhanced

£730,828 - 10-20% most deprived communities

10-20% most deprived communities

1.145million beneficiaries

1.145 million beneficiaries

731,106m2 of environment improved

731,106m2 of environment improved

Our Community Fund

Our focus

In January 2020 we committed to giving away more than £10m over five years to community projects across the region, to make a real difference in the communities we serve. 

Our fund focuses on three elements of community well-being - People, Place and Environment - with a favourability shown to projects that lie within a sweet spot that incorporates all three. And of course, being a water company, naturally we love to see applications for projects that have a connection to water too.

Projects for our customers, chosen by our customers

We know the beneficiaries of our fund are our customers, so it was important to us that we involve our customers in the decision making process. Our fund is therefore overseen by an independent Customer Panel, made up of customer representatives from across our region, who review the strongest applications and make the final decision on where our money goes.

Supporting our communities through Covid -19

In 2020 we donated £1m to support 339 incredible local charities in our communities deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  In 2021 we knew that the impacts of the pandemic were still being felt by many more charities and organisations delivering vital services to our communities. 

So, we allocated some of our 2021 Community Fund to help:

Non-profit organisations dealing with increased demand for their core service; and/or

Non-profit organisations that had struggled financially through the pandemic and needed a helping hand to recover.

Our Community Fund reviews