Wonderful on Tap

Water is wonderful and we want it to always be there when you need it, that's why it's our ambition to become the most water efficient region within the UK - and we'd love you to help us get there!

It’s the warm shower that wakes us up, the hot drink that relaxes us before bed. We cook with it… grow gardens with it… have fun with it. Oh yes, and it keeps us alive!

Water is truly amazing but it's also precious resource and in future, as our population continues to grow, we'll need much more of it.

By taking care of it, we can make sure there's always plenty to go round so that everyone experiences the wonder of water – today, tomorrow and for generations to come. With some simple changes, we can all make a big difference.

We've got lots of water saving tips and reduced priced devices to help you start saving.

If you'd like to contact us about Home Water Efficiency Checks please call us on 0330 159 50 70*

*Local rate charges apply from landlines. Costs from mobiles will vary depending on your service provider. Our opening hours are 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday.

Save water, energy and money

Find out how and where you use water in your home and discover easy ways to reduce your use.