Wonderful on Tap

a duck and her ducklings
Protecting water

Protecting our wonderful water

Just a few of the things we're planning to do by 2020

  • We aim to make further cuts in the amount of energy we use  as a business and generate more of our own renewable energy. This will help to reduce our carbon footprint
    and keep bills low for our customers.
  • We plan to reduce leakage by 6%, whilst at the same time supporting our customers to be more water efficient.
  • Improving how we treat your water and working with our customers and farmers to stop damaging substances from entering our treatment facilities through sewers.

Supporting biodiversity at our reservoirs

We're committed to maintaining and protecting the status of SSSI* land in our region.

We have 21 rangers who take care and run our many visitor sites. Our rangers work with both volunteers and organisations like the RSPB and Wildlife Trust
to protect and nuture the wildlife that make their homes at our beautiful reservoirs and woodlands.

Our visitor sites provide not only provide us with the opportunity to engage with customers about the wondeful water we provide, they also allow us to give back
to the environment by enhancing and protecting important and rare wildlife species such as butterflies, water voles and tree sparrows.

*Sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs) are protected by law to conserve their wildlife or geology.