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Supporting biodiversity in our region

We’re using our expertise and investment to make our region a better place, our lasting legacy will always be to leave places in a better condition than when we found them.

As a company, many of our everyday activities have an impact on the environment, so we have a massive opportunity to make a positive difference to the biodiversity in our region. We want to minimize any negative impacts we have on the environment, and help build resilience into our ecosystems to sustain them for future generations.

Biodiversity is all about protecting and enhancing the amazing variety of life on Earth. It helps to provide us with food to eat ( through sustaining pollination) and helps to clean the water we drink (such as wetland filtration), and helps provide the oxygen we breathe.

  • From 2020-2025 we will working hard to improve the biodiversity of our region by changing how we manage our estates, working in partnership with expert organisations - like local Wildlife Trusts and Moors for the Future - and engaging communities with projects to create new habitats.
  • Through all of this we are committed to improving 1090ha of land (or km or river) for biodiversity!

And here’s how you can get involved and join us on the start of our next stage in our journey to improve habitats for wildlife and provide environmental, social and economic benefits across our wonderful region.


Boost for Biodiversity Fund 2019

Do you have a fabulous project that will make a big difference to improving habitats, wildlife and our environment in your area – but needs a boost of cash to get it going? Could your project do with a helping hand to make a difference? Why not try and bid for a share of our big Boost for Biodiversity fund

Get involved:

Want to be in with a chance to get your hands on part of our £100,000 funding we have available? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Download our application form and tell us all about your project and why it will make a big difference to your local biodiversity and environment  
  • Submit your application by emailing it to catchment.management@severntrent.co.uk between 5 April and 31 May 2019
  • Applications will be scored against criteria set out in the full terms and conditions
  • The highest scoring applications will be allocated their requested funding
  • These top candidates will then be invited to increase their award by pitching for further funding to enhance their project to a ‘Dragons Den’ style panel.



Experience our region's biodiversity

To experience some of our region’s wonderful range of biodiversity  - why not come and visit one of our reservoirs?

We've got 21 rangers who manage our 12 visitor centres, working alongside volunteers and organisations like the RSPB and Wildlife Trust. Our sites

provide the opportunity for you to visit these places of beauty, as well as enhancing and protecting them for nationally and internationally important species like

butterflies, water voles, tree sparrows and many more.

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