Supporting biodiversity in our region

How we're helping to boost biodiversity across the region.

Enhancing our natural environment

From the wild moors and limestone dales of the Peak District to the river valleys of the Severn and the lowlands of the Trent, our region is blessed with rich, diverse and beautiful landscapes and habitats.

These natural assets are a vital partner to our reservoirs, treatment works, and pipelines.  Put simply, they capture, hold, clean, and carry our water.  So, as you’d expect, we plan to look after them.   

When we look after nature, we look after water, without nature, we could not do our job, and a flourishing environment plays an important role in helping us deliver our core activities more effectively and efficiently.

You can also find out more information on how we are Enhancing our Natural Environment with our three sister documents:

Boost for Biodiversity

Do you have a project or idea that could boost biodiversity in your area? Looking to help nature but need funding to do so? We could be the Boost you need!

The Severn Trent Boost for Biodiversity offers landowners in our region (see map) the opportunity to apply for funding to help implement your idea to help nature.  

This will be the fifth and final year of the Boost for Biodiversity grant funding in its current format. Over the last four years the fund has enabled over 800Ha of nature improvement across the region, our aim is to reach 1000Ha! We have collaborated on a wide range of projects including wildflower meadows, woodland work, invasive species projects and wetland restoration. Now is your opportunity to help us achieve even more positive action for nature.  

Boost for biodiversity offers you a chance for a share of a £200,000 fund to help us improve the region for wildlife.

Can we help you look after nature?   

*terms and conditions apply

Image by -  Telford Council, Muxton Muddy Meadows

Our Great Big Nature Boost

In March 2020, we announced that we were embarking on one of the biggest nature projects across the UK, aiming to boost nature across 5000ha of land in the Severn Trent region by 2027.

Since then we have worked with a vast range of partners on their land, and on our own land to deliver on our commitment and we are close to beating our target and some!


So what's involved?

As a major land owner, our activities can have a substantial impact on the habitats in our region. We have a significant role to play in protecting and creating a more sustainable environment.

Working with partners to plant 1.3 million trees in our region by 2030
304 hectares remaining to enhance the biodiversity of 5,000 hectares of land by 2027
1,600km more than our goal of improving 2,100km of waterways by 2025

Getting River Positive

Our region’s rivers are the cleanest they have been since the 1980’s. There has been a dramatic reduction in pollution levels, and we have invested to help nature to thrive.

Find out how we are taking a lead on river health across our region.

Get closer to nature at our visitor sites

To experience some of our region’s wonderful range of biodiversity - why not come and visit one of our reservoirs?

We've got 21 rangers who manage our 12 visitor centres, working alongside volunteers and organisations like the RSPB and Wildlife Trust. Our sites

provide the opportunity for you to visit these places of beauty, as well as enhancing and protecting them for nationally and internationally important species like

butterflies, water voles, tree sparrows and many more.