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Our Boost for Biodiversity Fund

Boost your local Biodiversity

You could make it happen with a share of our £200,000 funding.

Do you have land in our region? Do you have a great project or idea that will enhance or improve the biodiversity? Our Boost for Biodiversity fund is open to applicants who want to take brilliant action for nature in their area. 

The scheme aims to bring together organisations and groups in collaboration with Severn Trent to implement projects that will improve habitats for wildlife, as well as providing communities with environmental, economic and social benefits.  

Be part of something amazing for our nature

We’re embarking on one of the biggest nature projects across the UK, aiming to boost nature across 5000ha of land in the Severn Trent region by 2027 - that’s the size of 7000 football pitches!

One of the many success stories: Treflach Farm

Who can apply

Applications are open to:

  • Farmers co-operatives (groups of 2 or more farmers)
  • Schools
  • NGOs
  • Community groups
  • Charities
  • Businesses and councils

All applicants must be based in the Severn Trent region.

Tips for applicants

  • Successful projects are usually between around £500 and £3000 depending on project type. 
  • Clearly labelled maps and photos of the project area are required to help us understand the impact of your project and accuracy of scoring.
  • We have habitat guidance available on our website.
  • Think about the benefits your habitat improvement project could have beyond benefitting biodiversity, for example Natural Flood Management or Water Quality benefits.
  • Identify if there is a way to engage the local community with your project.
  • Consider if your project could provide added value to another environmental project already happening in the area.

How to apply

You can complete an application by regiistering an account on our flexigrant portal. Through the form, you can tell us all about your project and why it will make a big difference to your biodiversity in your area.

  • Register an account at Flexigrant
  • Select the Boost for Biodiversity Application portal
  • Complete the online form as instructed
  • Applications will be scored against criteria set out in the full terms and conditions which can be found on our website
  • Applications will be shortlisted before successful proposals are contacted, If successful, you be invited to sign up to an agreement with Severn Trent to access funding and be able to get started on implementing your project. 

Read our full Terms and Conditions

Some of the nature boosting projects we've been proud to support  

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