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Our towns and cities are at risk from flooding. In built-up areas, surface water collects quickly and can overflow drains.

To put it plainly, the places we live just aren’t as ‘spongy’ as we’d like.

So we’re turning to nature to help, and in a UK first we’re transforming a whole town to make it more flood resilient.


Mansfield flood resilience

What we're bringing to Mansfield

When everything is happening

To kick things off, we’re running a smaller pilot trial up the road at Ravensdale. This starts in Spring 2022, then we'll branch out to the rest of the town. We hope to finish the whole project by 2025.  

How you can get involved 

It’s easy to install sustainable drainage. You can play a part in this unique project that will help put Mansfield on the map.   

We want to support local schools, businesses, and community groups to adopt and install sustainable drainage.   

You can make a huge difference too, whether it’s installing planters in the school playground or creating your own drainpipe garden at home. Make an even bigger impact and consider permeable paving if you’re planning a new driveway.

And you don’t have to live in Mansfield to reduce your own flood risk!    

Find out more about this fascinating project and drop the team a message at mansfieldsuds@severntrent.co.uk

Come and take a peek

Come and have a look around our online virtual room where you'll find posters and videos with more information about our Mansfield project.

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