Our Visitor Sites

Visitor sites events policy

Our sites welcome over 4 million visitors a year and are extremely popular places to host events.  

This events policy contains everything you need to know about hosting an event at one of our sites.  

Event fees

We charge a fee to host an event.  

The use of the site is charged at 15% of the ticket price per person or of the gross income if sales will be made on site, we will need to see proof of your income. There is a minimum charge of £1.50 per attendee. 

These fees help to maintain our sites. They also help pay for staff time needed to help you with event planning and waste disposal. 

You can pay by card at Carsington Water visitor centre, or we can send you an invoice.

Confirming the number of attendees

We will need to see proof of your final number of attendees.

Car parking charges

All visitors must pay for parking. Charges differ at each site.  

Our team will provide you with prices once your application is accepted.  


Health and safety 

You must complete health and safety information before you can run your event.  

You will need to provide us with:  

  • method statement 
  • full risk assessment 
  • public liability insurance 

You will need to visit the site to carry out the risk assessment before the event. 

After your booking is confirmed, we will be able to provide a hazard checklist to help you with the risk assessment.  

This will cover the main site hazards, however this will need to be reviewed in line with the event and additional hazards may need to be considered. 

You must give the site team your full risk assessment at least four weeks before the event.  

The site team will check and approve your risk assessment.  

If the risk assessment can’t be approved, the team will provide information about the changes you need to make before plans for the event can proceed. 

If the correct health and safety risk assessments and insurance aren’t in place four weeks before the event then your event will be cancelled. 

Advertising on social media

We would be happy to be added as a co-host on Facebook or we will post once on our site page for anyone having an event on our site.  

You will just need to supply an image and text (at least 4 weeks in advance) and we will add it to our planned posts.

Apply to host an event at a visitor site

If you want to host an event, you will need to complete our event application form.


The site team will then contact you and confirm if the date is available and if it is possible to host your event along with any additional information. 

Careful consideration is given to each application.  

We take into account prior bookings, how busy the site is likely to be and what the event is.  

Events will not usually be accepted if they will take place on peak days. This includes bank holidays, school holiday periods and summer weekends.  

Do not advertise the event until we have confirmed it can go ahead.  

You must submit all required information on time. If you don’t provide information on time, we may cancel your event. 

Terms and conditions

You must follow these terms and conditions when using any of our sites for an event: 

  • The site must be left in the same condition you found it; litter moved to an agreed location and the event area litter picked. 
  • Public access will always need to be maintained. 
  • Your event will need to take place at quieter times and take into consideration our community. 
  • Any way markings can only be erected up to 24 hours in advance and will need to be removed immediately after the event. 
  • Marshals will be required when there is a cross over between public and event attendees, or in any areas where livestock are grazing. 
  • We do not allow swimming in our reservoirs. 
  • BBQs are not allowed but participants are welcome to picnic on our sites. 
  • Litter must be taken off site or moved to an agreed location
  • You will be responsible for getting the correct permissions in place and liaising with local Parish Councils