Upper Derwent Valley Water Sensory Guide

       A guide for visitors with cognitive disabilities

Arriving at Upper Derwent Valley

When I arrive at Upper Derwent Valley, I will be in one of the car parks. From here I can decide to relax, explore the tracks, or stay near the visitor centre at the main car park.

When arriving, I might:

At the café

If I go to the cafe, I will find helpful staff that can help me find what I need. The café is a kiosk window and if there is space, I can choose to sit on the picnic tables near the café.

At the café, I might:

At Derwent bike hire, repair and service centre

If I go to Derwent bike hire, repair and service centre, I can find helpful staff to ask about renting bikes.

At the hire facilities, I might:

Tips for a great day at Upper Derwent Valley

Before I come to Upper Derwent Valley, it is a good idea to think about the time I’m going to visit. If I come in the middle of the day or during school holidays, it is more likely to be busy.

I should stick to the rules and read the signs that are there to keep everyone safe. For example I should not swim or paddle, and I should keep my dog on a lead.

I should remember that the ranger team are there to help if I need them, and I can contact them by calling 01433 650 953