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Staunton Harold Circular Walk

Walk overview

Staunton Harold Circular Walk is a picturesque walk from the Staunton Harold Visitor Hub (Grid ref: SK3777, 2447) to Broadstone Lane and Tower Windmill and takes approximately 40 minutes and is 1.6 miles (2.5km).  

The walk includes views of the reservoir and wildflower meadows. Some stiles, slopes and muddy ground are present. Suitable footwear is highly recommended. 

The walk is dog friendly though we ask you keep your dog on a lead as livestock and horses may be present.

Staunton Harold Circular Walk Route

1. From the main car park, with the Reservoir Café behind you, take the left-hand path towards Staunton Harold Sailing Club. 

2. Continue through the wooded area, to a beach with a view across the reservoir to the visitor centre, playground, and café.

3. Carry on along the path until you join the main tarmac track, passing the sailing club. The path follows the edge of the reservoir through a large wildflower meadow.

4. At the end of the track, go through the wooden gate and turn right here and continue up the slope of Broadstone Lane for approximately 175m. 

On the right, there is a pedestrian gate for a footpath. Go over the stile and through the field.

Livestock may be present in this and the following field so please keep dogs on leads. 

5. At the end of the field, cross over a second stile and make your way across a second field, until you reach another stile.

6. Pass over the third stile, entering an area of grassland, with houses to the left. Keep along the edge of the grassland, until you reach the fourth stile at the entrance of a woodland. 

7. Once over the fourth stile, head through a narrow section of woodland, with hedgerow to your right and a fifth stile at the end. 

8. After the fifth stile leading out of the woodland you will be in a vast field with two solitary trees on your left and a sixth stile. Go over the sixth stile and keep left against the fence line. Further up, you will see the National Forest information board of Derby Hills. Pass the board and head over a seventh stile. 

9. Following the stile, walk straight on with Broadstone Holt House and conservation area to your right. Eventually you will cross over a private road leading to Broadstone Holt House. 

Be careful of oncoming vehicles.

10. At the end of the path, pass through the metal gate into an arable field. Go through the field and up a moderate incline, with the tree line for Staunton Harold Reservoir main car park visible to the right. Follow the path to the main car park of the reservoir, with the back of Tower Windmill visible in front.


The café is currently open from 10am to 3pm every weekday and 10am – 4pm every weekend for takeaway only.

The toilets are located in the main car park and include disabled and baby changing facilities.

Our Accessibility Guide provides information to help you during your visit. 


Car parking is £3 all day at the main car park.

Parking is free for disabled badge holders.

The ticket machine accepts cash and credit or debit card. 

You can buy an annual parking pass for £37, or a multisite parking permit for £60.

The parking pass can be used at Staunton Harold and Foremark. Call 0330 6780 701 for further information.