What do you get the person who has everything this Christmas? How about a water butt? 

21st December 2023

Water butts can help to save money and keep gardens healthy in the summer

They can also reduce the risk of flooding during extreme water

Getting a water butt now will mean plenty of water ready to go for the spring and summer


If you’re struggling to find a great gift idea this for someone this Christmas, Severn Trent is suggesting something you may not have thought of: what about a water butt?

While not a gift many people will find in their stocking on Christmas morning – and probably difficult to get down the chimney – the forecast for a milder and wetter winter could make a water butt a great gift. 

Sophie Evans-Young, customer demand lead at Severn Trent, said: “Getting someone exactly the right thing at Christmas can be a headache and with only a few days to go, I'm sure more than a few of us have got a couple of people left to buy for. 

“It may seem like a strange thing to think about in December – but as the weather’s been so wet recently – this is the perfect time to buy somebody who loves their garden or plants a water butt and get it set up to capture rainfall all the way into the spring.

“Anyone who has a garden can benefit from a water butt and they’re a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to keep them looking healthy without using treated drinking water. They can also help to bring down your bill if you’re on a meter, as you only pay for what you use.”

Water butts can also play a role in helping to reduce the risk of flooding during periods of heavy rain by providing somewhere for the water to go rather than onto patios or driveways where it might struggle to soak away. 

Sophie added: “Climate change means that we're seeing both hotter, drier summers and prolonged periods of heavier rainfall during which large amounts of water which household drains might have difficulty in handling. 

“A water butt is a great way of making sure that water has somewhere else to go as well as offering a supply for your plants in the summertime. There are a range of water butts available in a range of sizes so there’s one perfect for every garden.”

Water butts are available at most garden centres and via the internet year-round.  

For water saving tips and advice, click here or visit stwater.co.uk and search for Saving Water Made Simple.

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