We're about to start the second phase of water pipe replacement in Worcester City Centre

We're about to return to Worcester City Centre, to begin phase two of our£1.25M project to replace aging water pipes.

We completed the first phase of the pipe replacement project on The Shambles, and will now start work again on Pump Street to improve the water network for those living and working in the area.

Gareth Mead said: “We’ve already managed to complete the majority of the work, and now we just need to make sure the rest of our network is in the same, top condition by doing the last bit of the project.  This work will see new water pipes for the city to make sure the chance of pipes bursting and causing problems are reduced. But don’t worry, we don’t need to do anything where we’ve already been, so we won’t be digging up the lovely new paving at all.  We’ll just be continuing to replace the pipes from where we finished last year.”

Work will start on Pump Street, and then teams will work round to New Street, Charles Street and finish on St Swithen’s Street in mid-Spring.

Gareth added: “When our work is complete, we’ll put a temporary tarmac layer in the footpaths and roads.  Worcestershire County Council will then repair it permanently with their improvement scheme - similar to that recently completed in The Shambles.

“We’ve worked really closely with Worcestershire County Council to make sure this work causes as little disruption to anyone as possible, and all businesses will remain open for the full duration of our work.  We’re really thankful for everyone’s patience and understanding while we work on this important project.

“We know this is a busy area, and we’re sorry for any inconvenience our work may cause, however, when the work is complete, the area will have brand new water pipes that will bring huge benefits to locals and supply them with a reliable water supply for years to come.”

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