Severn Trent thanks its customers for being water saving heroes as heatwave approaches

Friday 16th July

With the region predicted to be hit with a heatwave over the next few weeks, Severn Trent has thanked its customers for being water saving heroes so far this summer and issued a reminder to be mindful of non-essential water use as the weather heats up.

Heather Hateley, water efficiency lead at Severn Trent, said: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our customers who’ve shared their tips and tricks for saving water so far this summer. While the weather has certainly been a lot wetter than last summer and our reservoirs are in a healthy position, the challenge can be to treat the water and pump it out fast enough to meet demand, especially when temperatures increase and people start to spend more time outside. So, while easy changes such as filling the watering can instead of using the garden hose or switching off the garden sprinkler might feel small, when they’re all added up they can make a huge difference.”

As part of its summer campaign, the water and waste company is running a competition offering its water saving customers the opportunity to win a day out. All customers need to do is upload a photo, video or drawing/design of their top tip to Facebook or Instagram by midnight on Sunday 25 July and explain their idea or top tip in the description – by using the hashtag #STWaterSavingHero they’ll be entered into a free prize draw to win a £200 gift card for use in a variety of restaurants, theme parks and hotels.

Heather added: “In addition to asking for customers help to reduce non-essential water use during hot weather, there’s a lot that we’re also doing behind the scenes to make sure that our wonderful water isn’t wasted. As part of this we’re aiming to reduce water lost through leaks by 15% by 2025, which will be our biggest ever reduction in a 5-year period. We’re also using new technology to help us find leaks faster than ever before, including drones and even sensors that listen out for the distinctive sound that escaping water produces, alerting us to a possible leak. But with 46,000km of pipes to keep an eye on, we also really appreciate it when customers report any leaks they spot.” 

More information about the Water Saving Hero competition, as well as water saving tips can be found here. If you do spot a leak while you’re out and about, it can be reported using our on-line form here or by calling our Leakline number on 0800 783 4444. And now you can even FaceTime an engineer to show us exactly where the leak is and how bad it is.