Severn Trent’s Community Fund awards millions of pounds to good causes in over the past four years 

31st May 2024

Millions of pounds have been awarded to charities and good causes by Severn Trent’s Community Fund over the past four years supporting them in offering their vital services and projects. 

Back in 2020, the water company committed to donating £10 million to projects in the region over a five-year period. An additional £1.6m was given in further support to help our communities deal with the impact of Coronavirus.

We have now entered that final year of the initial funding commitment to the communities across the Severn Trent region and the team are reflecting about the work that has taken place, the amazing people who they have met and looking at what comes next. 

Since the fund began, the breakdown of funding to each Severn Trent region is:

  • Birmingham and the Black Country - £1,753,196 has been awarded to 146 organisations, projects and charities
  • Chester - £53,425 has been awarded to 10 organisations, projects and charities
  • Derbyshire - £1,014,691 has awarded to 88 organisations, projects and charities
  • Gloucestershire - £507,163 has been awarded to 46 organisations, projects and charities
  • Leicestershire - £1,219,042 has awarded to 84 organisations, projects and charities
  • Nottinghamshire - £1,051,717 has awarded to 109 organisations, projects and charities
  • Shropshire - £508,419 has been awarded to 57 organisations, projects and charities
  • Staffordshire - £892,468 has been awarded to 83 organisations, projects and charities
  • Coventry and Warwickshire - £1,141,427 has awarded to 101 organisations, projects and charities
  • Worcestershire - £637,435 has been awarded to 50 organisations, projects and charities

Lilly Clements, Fundraising & Partnerships Manager at Smart Works Birmingham, which was supported by the Community Fund, said: "It has been a difficult year for many charities including Smart Works Birmingham to secure funding. 

“More charities are submitting applications for grants and there is much less money available. On top of these challenges many grants specify that they can only be awarded for a project.

“What we do is dependent on our centre being a safe and secure place to deliver our vital service from. Being able to apply for a grant to help with our core costs was like gold dust for us. 

“We are incredibly appreciative to Severn Trent for recognising this need; this funding means we can continue to empower women to succeed at interview and get the job.”

Daniel Smith, manager at Roots Coffee and Community in Gloucestershire, said: ''The grant has been massively important. It’s hard enough to stay in business at the moment with all the overheads, so it would be impossible to do this kind of project without the funding support.

“The grant has allowed us to increase our impact in the community and do the good stuff – it’s been a real joy.” 

Simon Brittain, Trustee at Saltisford Canal Trust, said: “We are genuinely delighted to have received this funding from the Severn Trent Community Fund, which enabled us to transform this boat into what we believe will is a fantastic, one-of-its-kind meeting space for our community. 

“Our visitors rely on the appropriate use and management of our national water resources, and our visitors on foot enjoy all the benefits of being by the water. We are committed to the promotion of safe by water messages, our heritage and wildlife and habitat conservation, all of which will be made more possible through this dedicated community space.”

The look back over the past four years comes as the Severn Trent Community Fund releases its Annual Review for 2023/24. Throughout the past financial year, a total of £1,384,481 has been awarded to 62 organisations across the Severn Trent region.

The fund was set up to support projects with a link to one or more of our three elements of community wellbeing – People, Place and Environment, something that continues to be at the heart of the work that the team does.

Jade Gough, Severn Trent Community Fund Officer, said: “What a four years it has been. Hugely rewarding, inspirational and wonderful to learn more about all the amazing projects and charities that are out there supporting the communities in Chester.

“Little did we know back in January 2020 when we first opened the fund to applications, how our first year would turn out with Coronavirus changing all our lives. It meant that straight away we had to pivot and support charities and community groups with emergency grants.

“But we adapted, we grew, people started to learn more about us and now four years on, to be able to see all the grants provided by the Community Fund having such a positive impact, all the hard work has been worth it.

“One thing that has shone through from all the projects across the past four years is the people at the heart of them and the incredible commitment to their communities and doing all they can for them. We could not be prouder to be a small part of their story.

“Now we look forward to the year ahead, helping even more projects and organisations and shaping what is next for Severn Trent’s Community Fund.”

Applications to the Community Fund are welcomed all-year round. For further information or to apply visit