Severn Trent is ready for the cold weather – but is your home?

Tuesday 5th December 2017

As temperatures begin to drop, it’s important to get yourself prepared for the winter chill – but as hats and scarves begin to resurface, have you thought about getting your home ready for winter as well?

Severn Trent is ready, and wants its customers to make sure they don’t miss out on that warming cup of tea or on a hot shower because their home’s pipes haven’t been protected from the cold weather.

Dan Littlewood, water fittings expert at Severn Trent says: “We’re gearing up for a cold winter, and it’s important that customers do their bit by protecting the water pipes in their home. The last thing anyone wants on a frosty morning is to have no hot water, so it’s vital to get your pipes protected.”

Severn Trent is also reminding people that it is only responsible for the pipes in the public highway, and that anything inside the property boundary is the responsibility of the homeowner.

“The best protection is to lag your pipes and it’s really quick and easy to do,” said Dan. “You can pick up some pipe lagging at your local DIY store and it’s easy to fit – it just wraps around the pipes. It’s simple to do but could prevent a pipe bursting and causing damage in your home.

”If your pipes do become frozen, check them for any signs of splitting.  If you spot any damage, call a plumber – preferably a WaterSafe plumber who is checked and qualified (you can find one at  If you don’t get the pipes repaired when frozen, it’s highly likely that you’ll suffer from flooding once the water thaws.

Pipes burst when water freezes in a pipe and expands, this puts more pressure on the pipes and joints, often causing it to split or joints to pull apart.

In the event of a burst pipe, you will need to turn the water off, so Severn Trent is also encouraging people to find their internal stop tap just in case.

“Making these little changes, can make all the difference in making sure your home is protected, and ensuring you don’t have to deal with the devastating consequences and trouble of having a pipe burst in the home,” said Dan.

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