Families could save £1,300 a year on utility bills by reducing water use

Tuesday 27th September 2022

With energy bills and the ongoing cost of living crisis continuing to put pressure on household finances, families could save around £1,300 a year by reducing their water use at home, according to data from the Consumer Council for Water and Severn Trent. 

From making sure that dishwashers and washing machines are fully loaded to reduce the number of runs, to halving the time in the shower, there are a range of savings to be made around the home.  

Severn Trent is launching a new campaign to help households through the cost-of-living crisis by sharing practical tips and advice that could help customers save on their bills. 

According to data from the CCW, on average a family of four with a water meter could see the following savings:  

  • Cutting daily shower times from 10 to 5 minutes - £700 a year 
  • Switching off taps when brushing their teeth - £100 a year 
  • Fixing a leaky toilet - £300 a year 
  • Changing to a low-flow shower head - £100 a year 
  • Cutting out two dishwasher runs per week by only running with full loads - £75 a year 
  • Cutting out two washing machine runs per week by only running with full loads - £50 a year 

Even a tap dripping at a rate of two drips per second can cost around £15 a year, which can quickly escalate with a constant stream of drips wasting £90 a year.  Most customers will be able to make savings almost immediately, by switching to a free water meter.   

Sophie Evans-Young, Water Efficiency Manager at Severn Trent, said: “Many people are surprised to hear how much of an impact reducing water use can have on energy bills. On average, most of us spend 10 minutes in the shower – although someone once told me they're in there for 40 minutes! – but there are massive savings to be made by just cutting it back by five minutes.  

“All these savings add up, so even by making sure that the dishwasher or washing machine is completely full, or getting that dripping bathroom tap fixed, you can see a big difference over time. 

“After one of the driest years on record, this will also help to ensure we have plenty of water in our reservoirs in case the dry weather continues through the autumn and winter. Even though we’ve had some rain in the last few weeks and gardens are looking greener, we’ll need plenty more to get the levels back up.”  

Karen Gibbs, Senior Leader for the Environment at CCW, said: “The great thing about using water wisely is that it not only helps the environment but also really can take a lot of the heat out of energy bills if you use less hot water. By creating a little less splash, you can save a lot of cash and help to ensure our water supplies go even further.” 

Severn Trent is also recruiting new Community Water Saving Champions who will speak directly to householders to share tips and advice and is holding a series of drop-in sessions at supermarkets and local tourist attractions. 

For more information and advice on how to make your home water efficient, visit: https://www.stwater.co.uk/wonderful-on-tap/save-water/saving-water-made-simple/