Bridgnorth community group find out about Severn Trent’s commitment to green power

Monday 15th May

Severn Trent invited a community group to its sewage treatment works in Wolverhampton to find out how the company generates green power from human waste.

Members of Sustainable Bridgnorth, a local organisation committed to helping the town become a sustainable low carbon community and who strongly support renewable energy and reduction of waste, were shown around the sewage works which serves the city. 

The group had a chance to find out how Severn Trent uses anaerobic digestion to turn sewage into clean energy and then produces high quality fertiliser from what’s left by the process. They also took the opportunity to find out about how the company is generating energy from solar power.

Kath Norgrove, who works for Severn Trent and is the Chair of Sustainable Bridgnorth, said: “Severn Trent already generates the equivalent of a third of the energy it uses from renewable sources and is aiming to reach 50 per cent by 2020.

Having been on a site tour previously, I was keen to share the good work our company is doing, as well as giving the group an opportunity to learn more about it and to see some of the technologies up close.”

Steve Sprules-Wright, a member of Sustainable Bridgnorth, added: “The Barnhurst tour was very informative and shows the commitment Severn Trent has made toward helping to protect the environment, as well as the long-term financial benefits for both the company and consumers.” 

To find out more about Severn Trent’s commitment to renewable energy visit