As the temperature dips, fat, oils and grease can solidify even faster in your pipes. With nowhere for the water to go, this could cause flooding in your home.

So, whether it’s the Sunday roast or that Friday night takeaway, popping leftover cooking oil and sauces in the bin before starting the washing up or plonking the plates in the dishwasher are easy ways to avoid kitchen chaos this winter.

Here are some more ways you can protect your home this winter.

Please share this advise with your family, friends and neighbours so we can all weather the winter, together.  

How you can help

1. Top tips for the kitchen

We have some simple ways you can prevent blockages to keep your pipes clear and waste water flowing freely. 

2. Top tips for the bathroom

Changing some of your bathroom habits, will help keep your toilet in tip tap shape and your shower's stress free: 

Avoid blockages at your place of work

What we’re doing

We take blockages extremely seriously.

We have a dedicated team working to improve and protect our network.

Say hello to our gang of Grease Fighters ... you may have already met a few of them whilst they're out in your communities.

Over the next five years (2025 - 2030), we’re going to spend £12.9 billion on running our day-to-day business and making improvements for customers and the environment.

Let’s work together to stop the block and keep our water flowing.

From wet wipes, plush toys, to metres of hair you’d be amazed what we find down our sewers. Check out our Hall of Shame…

Extra home protection this winter

If the worst does happen this winter, you need to know there is someone reliable you can contact to help.