Water quality help and advice

What to do if your water is different to normal

UK drinking water is amongst the safest in the world and at Severn Trent Water, we always work hard to provide the best quality service possible.

From time to time, you might notice a change in your water’s taste, smell or appearance. This is often nothing to worry about and in our experience, can usually be resolved by running your tap for a few minutes.

If your water smells, tastes or looks different to normal, you can diagnose and solve your water quality problem using our self-help guildes.

What to do if you have low pressure or no water

There are a few reasons why you may have low pressure or no water.

It's usually caused by emergency repair work near your home when something like a big supply pipe has burst, but it could also be a problem with the pipes in your home.

If you have no water or low pressure, you can check for known issues in your area to see if there is anything currently happening that could cause a supply issue.  

Check the detail of what's in your water

If you'd like to get in-depth information about the water we supply to you and what's in it, you can enter your postcode in our water quality checker to read a list that details your water hardness, where it comes from, and what minerals it contains.

Check my Water Quality

Data updated upto Mar 31 2024

Information is based on your normal water source. We may occasionally need to temporarily change the source of your supply for operational reasons.