Leakage allowance

If you've had a leak at home that has impacted your bill, we may be able to help you with the cost.

It's important you know who is responsible for your water pipes and that you find a reputable plumber to help with any repairs on your pipework, fixtures or fittings.

Once fixed, we’ll happily review your claim to see if we can cover the cost of some, or all of the water lost as a result of the leak depending on how long it was leaking for. 

A leakage allowance is offered on a one-off basis and will ensure you don't have to pay for additional costs because of a leak for up to 12 months, or two bills, whichever is longer.

We’ll review your recent usage and remove any additional costs that are above your normal bill amount.

Things to consider before you make a claim

How to apply for leakage allowance

If your leak is now repaired, simply complete the leakage claim form.

You may still receive bills whilst we review your claim.

We’d recommend continuing to make regular payments at this time and if needed, we’ll review your payments once the claim is complete.